PSLE results will be released next week. 

Here is some information on how T-score is calculated and subject grades

Subject T-score (T)

T= 50+ 10*(x – m)/sd

x: raw score of the subject

m: the average of all candidates

sd: standard deviation

Aggregate T-score (Ttotal)

Aggregate T-score = sum of T-scores of all subjects

Ttotal = T1+T2+T3+T4

Subject Grades

Standard subject are awarded A* (highest grade for standard subjects) or  A, B, C, D, or E (lowest grade for standard subjects). For Foundation subjects, the grades awarded are Grade 1(highest grade for foundation subjects), 2, 3 or 4 (lowest grade for Foundation Subjects). Higher Mother Tongue subjects are awarded Distinction (Highest grade for Higher Mother Tongue Subjects), Merit, Pass (lowest grade for Higher Mother Tongue Subjects).

“Ungraded” is awarded for those subject(s) that a student did not achieve the requirement of a minimum grade for the subject or the students missed all the papers for the subject during the PSLE.

Subject Grades vs T-score

The grade indicates how well the child has performed in that particular subject based on an objective set of standards while Aggregate T-Score indicates how well he has performed in all four subjects relative to his peers and is used specifically for the purpose of determining the priority of admission to secondary schools, i.e. T-score is more for banding purpose.

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