Testimonial from a famous local secondary school student

Student: Theyva  Time: Year 2015  Subject: Secondary School Physics

Improvement: B3 to A1 in six weeks

link: https://www.tutorchen.com/testimonial-from-theyva-b3-to-a1-in-six-weeks/

Testimonial from famous local secondary school

Student: Alycia  Time: Year 2011 to current  Subject: Secondary School Mathematics and Physics

Improvement: failed to top student in class

link: https://www.tutorchen.com/testimonial-of-alycia/

Testimonial from IB Physics HL student

Student: Shanice  Time: Year 2014 Subject: IB Physics HL

Improvement: scored 7, which is the perfect score, in IB Exam 2014


Testimonial from International School Math student

Student: India  Time: Year 2014 to current   Subject: Math

Improvement: became the top student of the class after a few months under my coaching


Testimonial from O level pure Physics student

Student: Jastina Time: Year 2013 Subject: O level Pure Physics


Testimonial as Singapore Math Olympiad Tutor.

Student: Jerry Han Subject: Math Olympiad

Achievement: represented Singapore in International Math and Science Olympiad, awarded Gold Medal

Testimonial link: https://www.tutorchen.com/jerrys-math-testimonial-nmo/

Testimonial as Junior College Mathematics Tutor.

Student: Sarah Time: 2010 to 2011  Subject: Mathematics

Achievement: NUS student majoring in Applied Mathematics

Testimonial link: https://www.tutorchen.com/sarah-testimonial/

Testimonial as Mathematics and Physics Tutor.

Student:  Siling   Time: Mar, 2011 – Oct, 2011 Subject: O Level Mathematics Achievement: From D7 to B3 in O level exam Testimonial link: https://www.tutorchen.com/sling-math-testimonial/ 

Student: Gordon Time: 2006-2009 Subject: Mathematics and Physics A Level

Achievement: Grade ‘A’ in both Mathematics and Physics A Level exam Testimonial Link: https://www.tutorchen.com/valerie-and-gordons-testimonial/

Student: Valerie  and Gordon Time: 2004-2005 Subject:A Level Mathematics and Physics

Achievement: ‘A’ in Math and ‘B’ in Physics Testimonial Link: https://www.tutorchen.com/valerie-and-gordons-testimonial/

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