Shanice Testimonial

Congratulations to Shanice! She scored 7, which is the perfect score, in her IB Physics Exam in November 2014.

I was informed by her this Monday when the results were released and feel so happy for her!

Well done Shanice! All the best to you in application to top universities.

–Ms Chen from

To Whom It May Concern:

Ms Chen was my tutor for about a year and, throughout that time, I have certainly come very far in my understanding of concepts and my ability to use my knowledge in questions. When I first started tuition, my biggest problem was perhaps solving questions that combined different topics together, since I was used to practicing questions based on content of individual topics. However, during my tuition sessions, I took on many unusual questions that required combinations of knowledge from several topics that I honestly could not comprehend initially, but that Ms Chen managed to explain to me in detail until I fully understood the methods. Besides explaining the methods behind solving these individual problems, Ms Chen frequently emphasizes the importance of going one step further by understanding the very basic concepts used in the process of solving these questions. This is something that I realized has come really handy in my course, as memorizing the methods to similar questions is not enough when new questions are tweaked such that they still look similar but touch on different concepts within the chapter. During my tuition classes, I acquired new skills and understanding, while sharpening my skills and deepening my understanding in areas I was already comfortable with, all of which had tremendously helped me in my problem solving skills.

Furthermore, Ms Chen’s patience in teaching has always amazed me. Whenever I feel a bit lost or was unable to grasp the concept altogether, she would try explaining it again and again, pulling out helpful resources from textbooks and websites along the way. I really appreciate this as I am mainly a visual learner, and Ms Chen understood that pictures, videos and text, in addition to her own explanation, better allow me to fully understand concepts. Other than that, in each tuition class, Ms Chen encourages me to tell her which topic I am less comfortable with and she would prepare resources, notes and questions on that topic before the next class. She wanted to help me conquer the topics I was not confident in then move on to master topics I was already quite confident in. Through this process, I was able to increase my confidence in all the topics and also draw links and connections between different topics. This improved the way I approached each questions and the speed with which I approached the questions.

In the first few tuition classes, I was rather shy to ask questions when I did not completely understand something. Ms Chen’s friendliness and kindness allowed me to break away from that shy personality and start asking questions whenever I needed to clarify. Ms Chen was always willing to help clarify my doubts. I could even launch discussions whenever I feel like the question i discussion links to something else and Ms Chen would always explain thoroughly the connections, differences and similarities between concepts. The tuition sessions not only taught me a lot of essential skills and gave me complete understanding of the contents of the course but also inspired me to appreciate and admire the power of these subjects more. Ms Chen’s radiating passion in these areas is definitely contagious to others. I believe that this has also helped my learning these subjects because the first step to effectively learning a subject is to like it, and I have come to really enjoy these subjects. Tuition classes with Ms Chen were really enriching, interesting and enjoyable at the same time.