This category lists all the testimonial I collected from tutees and their parents.

Theyva was referred to me by her brother who is my tutee for IB Math. Although she was with me for tuition for six weeks only, she has shown great improvement in Physics and managed to score very well in her end of year exam. Here is her testimonial: “Ms Chen in a knowledgable and.. read more →

Congratulations to Shanice, my IB tutee, who score full mark 7 for her Physics exam, for being admitted into many top universities all over the world! She will be doing Computer Science in UCL. All the best to Shanice! =) You may access her testimonial here read more →

“Ms Chen has been tutoring me for nearly three years now ever since my psle years back in 2012 after a recommendation from my neighbor. Starting with mathematic, I have not only improved academically, I have also gained confidence to challenge myself to even more strenuous questions which has allowed me to easily score an A.. read more →

Shanice Testimonial Congratulations to Shanice! She scored 7, which is the perfect score, in her IB Physics Exam in November 2014. I was informed by her this Monday when the results were released and feel so happy for her! Well done Shanice! All the best to you in application to top universities. –Ms Chen from.. read more →

Fran is the mother of my tutee, whom has been improved to TOP student in her class now. Testimonial from Fran “Ms Chen has taught my thirteen year old daughter, India, for almost a year now during which time India’s Maths has improved rapidly. India has quickly advanced through the sets at her school and, just.. read more →

Rachel was my O level Pure Physics tutee in Year 2013. From her testimonial: “it seemed something impossible for me to reach at the beginning of the year”, ” a great and passionate teacher’.   read more →

Jastina was my tutor in year 2013, she has shown great improvement in her results. From her testimonial: “Ms Chen has successfully demonstrate her awareness of different teaching style”, “making learning an enjoyable experience”, “always make sure her students clear their doubts before moving on to next topic”. read more →

I came across an article “5 top private tutors in Singapore” written by Sandra Ong. I am feeling honored when I am listed in this list. Besides being a tutor to coach students in study of the subjects, I also like to share with students how they shall choose their subject combinations, how to explore different.. read more →

    “Ms. Chen ensured that the time spent was productive. She is patient and her explanations are clear. ” “Ms. Chen is, no doubt, an excellent teacher.” – Sarah     read more →

  “She was responsible for tutoring both my two youngest children in Mathematics and Physics. Under her tutoring, both my children scored excellent grades for their ‘A’ levels.” – from tutee’s mother   read more →