There are a few vacancies in TOP tutor Ms Chen’s Sec 4 O level Physics Tuition class. As there are only 3 months more from the dates of O level Physics papers, and Ms Chen’s class is always over subscribed towards O level based on our experiences, please contact us as soon as possible to.. read more →

Direct School Admission (DSA) is a program in Singapore introduced in 2004 for students who are studying Primary 6 or Secondary 4 to be guaranteed a place in a Secondary School or Junior College respectively. Reserved your seat NOW in P5 Math Olympiad & DSA class! A few vacancies in P5 Math Olympiad competition and DSA.. read more →

Glad to share with everyone that Miss Ng, a Biology teacher from top IP school, has joined Future Academy. She will be coaching students for Secondary school Biology study. Please click here for full qualifications. Welcome aboard, Miss Ng! If you are looking for experienced tuition teachers from top schools, please contact us at 68846566/84577888!.. read more →

In two weeks time, primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges are going to start June Holidays! Schools are scheduling june holiday programs to enhance students’ learning experiences and academic performance. Wish all students an enriching and enjoyable June holidays in advance. read more →

Congratulations to Shanice, my IB tutee, who score full mark 7 for her Physics exam, for being admitted into many top universities all over the world! She will be doing Computer Science in UCL. All the best to Shanice! =) You may access her testimonial here read more →