Theyva was referred to me by her brother who is my tutee for IB Math. Although she was with me for tuition for six weeks only, she has shown great improvement in Physics and managed to score very well in her end of year exam. Here is her testimonial: “Ms Chen in a knowledgable and.. read more →

How to overcome the problem of having careless mistakes in tests and exams? It is one of the most frequently asked questions by my students and parents. “My child knows everything but he/she makes too many careless in test/exam. How to avoid making so many careless mistakes” “I could do the questions but made careless.. read more →

There are a few vacancies in TOP tutor Ms Chen’s Sec 4 O level Physics Tuition class. As there are only 3 months more from the dates of O level Physics papers, and Ms Chen’s class is always over subscribed towards O level based on our experiences, please contact us as soon as possible to.. read more →

Congratulations to Shanice, my IB tutee, who score full mark 7 for her Physics exam, for being admitted into many top universities all over the world! She will be doing Computer Science in UCL. All the best to Shanice! =) You may access her testimonial here read more →

Rachel was my O level Pure Physics tutee in Year 2013. From her testimonial: “it seemed something impossible for me to reach at the beginning of the year”, ” a great and passionate teacher’.   read more →

  “She was responsible for tutoring both my two youngest children in Mathematics and Physics. Under her tutoring, both my children scored excellent grades for their ‘A’ levels.” – from tutee’s mother   read more →