This year, as usual, the P6 students coached by my colleagues and me, did very well in P6 DSA Math selection test. Many of our students managed to get offers from top schools like RI, RGS, NYGH, MGS, HCI and NUSH. Congratulations to them! All the students’ and our tutors’ hard work paid off. =).. read more →

As a former RGS teacher, I know how to help students from RGS and RI effectively. My student J. K. scored high marks in her year 4 end of year exam. GP 4.0 (highest GP). Well done! ALL of my students have shown improvement in their grades. Please contact me if you want to find.. read more →

I was honoured to be interviewed by Straits Times earlier this year for an featured article related to Advanced Learning and DSA. Hope this article provides more info to students plan to do DSA. If you need any further information on DSA, please free to contact me. read more →

Congratulations to our tutee Mohkam  in getting Gold Medal in SASMO. With our team’s customised coaching, and Mohkam’s effort, he progresses well in Math Olympiad class. We work with our tutees on NMOZ, APMOPS, RIPMWS and other prestigious math competitions in Singapore. Many of our tutees get into top IP schools. read more →

It is a consensus that it is not to score very well in top IP schools exams. However, it is very common for our students to score even fulls in exams. Please contact us to find out more. Here are some photos of her RGS students’ exam paper cover pages. read more →

Everyone knows it is not easy to get full marks in Math exam, especially in top schools. In our centre, there is a P4 class that everyone scored full marks in their recent summative assessment and all of them are from top primary schools. Top tutor Ms Chen provide high quality tuition in small groups… read more →

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Congratulations to Hui Ying and En Xin in getting A in their PSLE Math Prelim! They are students from my PSLE Math preparation class. In three months’ time, they have improved from borderline pass to 88/100 and 90/100 in prelim. Their next goal is to get A Star in PSLE. What is your goal in.. read more →