Congratulations to our tutee Mohkam  in getting Gold Medal in SASMO. With our team’s customised coaching, and Mohkam’s effort, he progresses well in Math Olympiad class. We work with our tutees on NMOZ, APMOPS, RIPMWS and other prestigious math competitions in Singapore. Many of our tutees get into top IP schools. read more →

It is a consensus that it is not to score very well in top IP schools exams. However, it is very common for our students to score even fulls in exams. Please contact us to find out more. Here are some photos of her RGS students’ exam paper cover pages. read more →

Everyone knows it is not easy to get full marks in Math exam, especially in top schools. In our centre, there is a P4 class that everyone scored full marks in their recent summative assessment and all of them are from top primary schools. Top tutor Ms Chen provide high quality tuition in small groups… read more →

Compiled the information found online to help parents to choose secondary schools for their children. Updated on 25th Nov 2016 Note: 2016 means 2016 Sec 1 EESIS 2016 Sec 1 – 262 2015 – 262 2014 – 258 2013 – 258 2012 – 262 2011 – 260 2010 – 260 2009 – 261 2008 –.. read more →

After PSLE, parents will choose secondary schools for their children. SAP schools are those schools considering HCL marks, and they include those in their COP (e.g. 265 as in 262+3 or 263+2 or 264+1). Here is the list of SAP schools: Anglican High School Catholic High School CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School Chung Cheng High.. read more →

About 66.2 per cent of pupils who took 2015’s Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) qualified for the Express stream in secondary school, slightly lower than the record 66.7 per cent achieved by the class of 2013. Last year, 66.4 per cent of pupils who sat for the national examination qualified for the Express stream in.. read more →

It is always a debate among educators that how the all round education should be like. My personal opinion is there are three very important areas that educators shall focus on: health, character and knowledge building. In our tuition centre, on top of emphasizing knowledge building, our tuition teachers also seize teachable moments to have.. read more →

In two weeks time, primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges are going to start June Holidays! Schools are scheduling june holiday programs to enhance students’ learning experiences and academic performance. Wish all students an enriching and enjoyable June holidays in advance. read more →